Climate in Paris France

Paris Panorama from Eiffel Tower 1Paris Panorama from Eiffel Tower

Being located in Western Europe, Paris has a maritime climate with cool winters and warm summers. The moderating effect of the Atlantic Ocean helps to temper temperature extremes in much of western Europe, including France. Even in January, the coldest month, temperatures nearly always exceed the freezing point with an average high of 6°C (43°F). Snow is not common in Paris, although it will fall a few times a year. Most of Paris’ precipitation comes in the form of light rain year-round.

Summers in Paris are warm and pleasant, with an average high of 23°C (75°F) during the mid-summer months. Spring and fall are normally cool and wet. (Text Source: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

Average Temperatures in Paris France:

  • January (high/low °C): 6/1
  • Feb (high/low °C): 7/1
  • Mar (high/low °C): 10/3
  • Apr (high/low °C): 13/5
  • May (high/low °C): 17/9
  • Jun (high/low °C): 21/12
  • Jul (high/low °C): 23/14
  • Aug (high/low °C): 23/13
  • Sep (high/low °C): 20/11
  • Oct (high/low °C): 15/7
  • Nov (high/low °C): 9/3
  • Dec (high/low °C): 7/2

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