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Travel Tips for ParisTravel Tips for Paris, France

Travel Tips on Accomodation in Paris

1. Book early. The best budget choices fill up fast.

2. What do you really need in your hotel room? Nearly all rooms in Paris have a sink with hot and cold water. If you don’t mind sharing the facilities, you can stay in a lower-priced room with a bathroom. See more…

Travel Tips on Dining in Paris

The Parisian’s reverence for fine cuisine is almost religious. It is part of his or her heritage. Whether it’s choucroute from the Alsatian region or lapin a la moutarde, it is quintessentially French, and it is all fabulous. Popular salads include salade niçoise (with tuna, olives, and anchovies) and salade de chef (with ham, Swiss cheese, salami, and hard-boiled egg). See more…

Travel Tips on Shopping in Paris

Paris is expensive, but there are many bargains. Take your time browsing through the little boutiques and flea markets and you’ll be sure to find that perfect gift. Things like film and toiletries, including contact lens solution, are much more expensive in Paris than in the U.S. or the United Kingdom. Bring enough to get you through your trip. See more…

Travel Tips on Sightseeing Attractions in Paris

Use the Métro or walk. Take advantage of passes that lower the cost of a single ticket—from .95€ to 1.30€ ($1.10–$1.50) if you buy a carnet of 10. If you plan to take more than seven trains in a day, it pays to get a Mobilis day card for 5€ ($5.75). It offers unlimited travel in the city center. If you know you’ll be in Paris for up to 5 consecutive days, a Paris Visite pass may be a good idea. See more…

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