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Paris at Night

Paris at Night

Paris is the capital of France and France’s largest city , the twenty second biggest city in the world and the third biggest in Europe with respect to population size. The population of Paris  (the metropolitan figure is 11 million) ,has increased from 2,125,246 in year 1999 census to 2,142,800 in 2004. according to year 2008’s estimate, the population is 2,167,994.

The density of population in Paris changes between the arrondissements of the city. The 1st and the 12th arrondissements are the most scantily populated regions of Paris. The 11th arrondissement or district is the most crowded area with over 40,000 people per sq. km. The 12th arrondissement is populated by 8,370 people per sq. km and the 1st arrondissements’density of population is 9,228 per sq. km. The entire Ile-de-France region has 11 million inhabitants.

Parisian families are very small and a normal family in Paris consists of less than two people. 50% of the families in Paris have a single child. Living single is so prevalent in the capital city of Paris.

Paris always charmed foreigners – number is approx. 310,000 and has Northern and Western Africans, Chinese and people from Middle east . But, when compared to United Kingdom , South Asian population is quite low.

Around half of the total Paris population is settled in the suburbs of the city. The better living standards and cheap accomodation costs of the region have drawn attention of very large number of people to the outer suburbs instead of the Paris proper. The center of Paris and the western suburbs consist of high class people. People of lower income group has inhabited in the north and east of the city .

Most people in Paris belong to Roman Catholic Church. (Text Source: ‘paris4travel‘)


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