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inside view of Hotel Meurice in Paris

inside view of Hotel Meurice in Paris

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The Paris Tourism Office boasts that hotels in Paris France are less expensive than those in New York and London, and it certainly seems easier to secure budget sleeps in Paris France hotels than in either of those other cities, despite the proliferation of trendy designer boutique hotels and luxury palaces.

Boutique and luxury hotels can be found in every part of town, including the ritzier St-Germain-des-Pres and Louvre district. It’s reasonably easy to find a comfortable, well-appointed hotel room in a central neighborhood for €100 by the help of Paris hotels guides.

Style and space (the kind that North Americans may still find lacking) will take you to the higher end of budget finds, up to €150 for a double in high season. Bare bones sleeps without television, elevators, or anything resembling decor can be found in the €50-€75 range. Of course, the best hotels fill up quickly, so booking is as early as possible, confirm, and then reconfirm. Always have one or two back-ups in mind in case things aren’t quite as expected when you arrive.

Summers have been getting hotter, which means that many budget hotels now have air-conditioning, or at least this was unheard of five years ago. And because the walls are too old to allow for wiring, most hotels in every price range have gone from having no direct Internet connection to Wi-Fi access. Of course, the walls are still thin, and the elevators tiny, so pack light and don’t forget the ear plugs!

Although cross-Atlantic flights certainly aren’t inexpensive in summer, August is one of the best

Paris hotels map

Paris hotels map

times to come to Paris. Hotels often cut their rates since there are no business travelers, and the city is uncrowded because Parisians have all left for the beach, despite the fact that Paris Plage, Paris’ own version of the beach on the banks of the Seine, has become one of the most popular festivals of the year.

Hotels aside, restaurants, public transportation, and sightseeing can all be done on a budget in Paris any time of year…

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